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Phil Dennis, M.A.Sc. | Senior Manager
Direct: 519-515-0836
Mobile: 519-400-6438

Sandra Dworatzek, M.Sc. | Senior Manager
Direct: 519-515-0839
Mobile: 519-829-0773

Jeff Roberts, M.Sc. | Senior Manager
Direct: 519-515-0840
Mobile: 519-400-8807

Ximena Druar, B.Sc. | Genetic Testing Coordinator
Direct: 519-515-0838

Hester Groenevelt, M.Sc. | Waterloo Membrane Sampler™ Specialist
Direct: 519-515-0853

Waterloo Membrane Sampler™ Orders
Eurofins-Air Toxics Inc., Folsom, CA
1-800-985-5955 or 916-985-1000
Ausha Scott ext.3344