Employee Spotlight: Ximena Druar, B.Sc. Genetic Testing Coordinator

Employee Spotlight: Ximena Druar, B.Sc. Genetic Testing Coordinator

Ximena Druar graduated from Wilfred Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario) in 1999, with an Honours B.Sc. in Molecular Biology. Ximena’s early career included research and development for a company that produced nitrogen fixing bacteria. Ximena joined SiREM as a lab technician in 2002 as one of SiREM’s first employees and is now Genetic Testing Coordinator where she keeps busy running the day-to-day activities for Gene-Trac® testing that includes managing over 20 tests and next generation sequencing. Ximena supervises lab technicians, is a client liaison, approves and issues reports, proposals and invoices. Ximena also interfaces regularly with SiREM Knoxville, which receives and processes samples originating in the US. Ximena loves the people she works with and enjoys her interactions with SiREM’s clients – answering questions and helping them out can be challenging, but is one of the pleasures of her job. Ximena also enjoys the R&D opportunities provided at SiREM and she has been integral to developing and commercializing new Gene-Trac® tests, standard operating procedures and test protocols.

“I like that what we are doing at SiREM is helping to better the environment.”

SiREM Genetic Testing Coordinator, Ximena Druar

When Ximena is not at work she loves to be social. She is a hockey and soccer mom who enthusiastically cheers on her two kids. Being family oriented spending lots of time with family and friends is important. Originally from Chile, Ximena is fluent in Spanish and emigrated to Canada with her parents and sister when she was 9 years old. This coming summer will see Ximena return to Chile with her husband and children, where she looks forward to showing her children where she spent her early years and teaching them more about their heritage and culture.

For more information on Gene-Trac® Testing contact Ximena Druar (xdruar@siremlab.com) toll free 1-866-251-1747/direct 519-515-0838.