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On-demand practical passive sampling services for the environmental decision maker

Sampler for Dissolved Organic Compounds

SiREM is pleased to announce a comprehensive passive sampler and interpretation service (SP3™) for the quantification of hydrophobic organic compounds, including PCBs and PAHs in pore water (sediment and soil), surface water and stormwater.

The SP3™ sampler provides data to estimate contaminant bioavailability to environmental receptors that is more representative than conventional grab samples, as it quantifies contaminants only in the dissolved form. Environmental decision makers can use SP3™ to provide critical data for:

  • Fate and risk assessment models
  • Quantitative toxicity identification
  • Remediation design and monitoring
  • Enhanced storm water and effluent permitting
  • Dredged material characterization

SiREM professionals are industry leaders in passive sampling, combining our extensive experience with a practical approach to make the technology accessible and easy to implement. The SP3™ service provides a robust sampler ready for field deployment and data reported in a useable form without the need for partitioning calculations. SiREM offers both “off the shelf” and customizable passive sampling services for PCBs and PAHs that include:

  • Rugged, field-tested, ready-to-deploy in situ samplers
  • PCB congener (EPA 1668A) and PAH (modified EPA 8270) analysis through our teaming partner, TestAmerica
  • Results provided on a dissolved phase basis (e.g., ng PCB/L pore water), providing a superior, time averaged, representation of bioavailable

Contact SiREM for more information on SP3™ and our full line of passive sampling products.

pdf Sirem Sediment Pore Water Sampler