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SiREM Offers New Product for Anaerobic Injection Water Preparation

SiREM is pleased to announce the availability of KB-1® Primer, a new product used to prepare anaerobic injection water to disperse electron donors and protect anaerobic bioaugmentation cultures during injection into aquifers.

In the past, production of anaerobic water was time consuming, and often produced water with solids that required filtration and that had adverse pH impacts. The development of KB-1® Primer responds to the need for a dependable and trouble free method to produce anaerobic injection water. KB-1® Primer is shipped as a powder in vacuum sealed pouches and is added to injection water totes or drums prior to injection into aquifers. The prepared water is ready to inject within hours and is compatible with anaerobic bioremediation processes.

Learn more about KB-1® Primer and our other leading remediation products and services.

Jamie Raper

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