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SiREM To Present Anaerobic Benzene Research at Smart Remediation

SiREM is once again pleased to announce participation in SMART Remediation to be held in Toronto, ON, at Novotel Toronto Vaughan Centre (January 26, 2017) and Ottawa ON, at the Ottawa Conference & Event Centre (February 16, 2017).
Sandra Dworatzek and Phil Dennis of SIREM will present Bioremediation Approaches and Tools for Anaerobic Benzene Remediation at the Toronto and Ottawa events, respectively. The presentation covers research & development on the scale-up and characterization of bioaugmentation cultures for introducing beneficial benzene degraders and molecular tools for quantifying these microorganisms. The Genome Canada funded study is being performed at the University of Toronto and SiREM, and includes partner Federated Co-operatives Limited. The ultimate goal of the study is to provide tools for remediation practitioners to make use of biodegradation pathways that do not require challenging oxygen addition, which could revolutionize how benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene contaminated sites are cleaned up.

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