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SiREM's COVID-19 Response

Like you, SiREM is concerned about the current COVID-19 outbreak and is actively monitoring the situation with updates from the CDC, Health Canada, WHO and local government agencies. As this situation continues to evolve, our priority remains the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

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Your Partner in Remediation Success

SiREM provides the tools environmental professionals need to optimize remediation of chlorinated solvents and other recalcitrant chemicals. As an industry leader, SiREM provides unparalleled technical support, combined with a unique range of products and testing services, that save our clients money, increase remediation effectiveness and provide peace of mind during field implementation.

SiREM Products & Services

Advanced Bioaugmentation Cultures

Our anaerobic bioaugmentation cultures enhance the bioremediation of chlorinated solvents and benzene.

KB-1®, KB-1® Plus and DGG-B™

Successful bioaugmentation starts with a concentrated bioaugmentation culture that arrives on site with high viability.
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Preparation of anaerobic water for bioaugmentation culture injection.
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Environmental Molecular Testing

Assess bioremediation potential and monitor enhanced bioremediation performance

Gene-Trac® Testing

Quantify key microorganisms in groundwater soil/sediment and other media
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Environmental and Surveillance Testing on wastewater and pooled saliva samples
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Reduce Costs, Increase Confidence

Evaluate and optimize remediation performance variables in a laboratory setting

Treatability Studies

Treatability studies minimize risks associated with remedy selection, implementation, increase stakeholder confidence and lead to reduced remediation time frames and costs.
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Wastewater and Process Engineering Studies.
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Passive Samplers for Air and Pore Water Monitoring

A convenient and cost-effective approach for contaminated sediments, vapor intrusion and soil gas

Passive Samplers

Passive samplers are a convenient and cost effective approach for quantifying contaminants in sediments.
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Passive samplers monitor vapor intrusion.
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Remediation Performance Monitoring

Specialty chemical analytical services to monitor remediation processes and progress

Remediation Performance Monitoring

Analytical Chemistry to quantify dissolved hydrocarbon gases, anions and/or volatile fatty acids.
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Continuous Environmental & Process Monitoring

Custom designed and built compact optical spectrometers

Continuous Environmental & Process Monitoring

Photonics services include global field measurement, instrument design, implementation, installation and maintenance.
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News & Events

Brent Pautler, Ph.D. and Michael Healey to Present on SiREM’s passive sampling services at SETAC North America Annual Meeting

Brent Pautler, Ph.D. (Ontario) will present "Performance Reference Compounds: Non-Equilibrium Correction Evaluation and Anomalies" and Michael Healey (Ontario) will present "Equilibrium Passive Sampling for Groundwater/Sediment/Surface Water Interactions: Optimizing for Monitoring Groundwater Directly" at the SETAC [...]

Sandra Dworatzek & Brent Pautler, Ph.D. to Present on Benzene Bioremediation & Passive Sampling at the Virtual RPIC 2021 Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop.

Sandra Dworatzek (Ontario) will present "Applications of Anaerobic Benzene Bioremediation: Microbes, Mechanisms and Biotechnologies" and Brent Pautler, Ph.D. will present "Advantages of Passive Sampling as a Decision-Making Tool" at the Virtual RPIC 2021 Federal Contaminated [...]

Andrew Patterson and Brent Pautler to Present on 6PPD-Quinone in SiREM’s Next Webinar

Andrew Patterson (Eurofins Environment Testing America) and Brent Pautler, Ph.D. (SiREM) to present "6PPD-Quinone: What have we learned in less than a year about this emerging contaminant?" in SiREM's next webinar on November 4th, 2021 [...]

Phil Dennis to Present on Combining Molecular Tools and Compound Specific Isotope Analysis for Natural Attenuation at the Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium

Phil Dennis (ON) will present "Combining Molecular Tools and Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis for Natural Attenuation Assessment" at the Clemson Hydrogeology Symposium (Virtually) at Clemson University in Anderson, SC on October 21, 2021. Phil's co-presenters are [...]

Jeff Roberts to Present on Petroleum Hydrocarbon Bioremediation & Monitoring Metals/Metalloid Reduction in Aquatic Environments at RemTech 2021.

Jeff Roberts (ON) will present "Applications of Anaerobic Petroleum Hydrocarbon Bioremediation" and "Monitoring Metals/Metalloid Reduction and Their Impacts in Aquatic Environments Through Molecular Genetic Tools" at the Remediation Technologies Symposium (RemTech 2021) in Banff Alberta, [...]

Brent Pautler Coauthored a Paper Evaluating low-uptake VOC passive sampler for long-term deployment in Atmospheric Pollution Research.

Brent Pautler, PhD. (ON), coauthored a paper entitled "Field evaluation of a low-uptake VOC passive sampler suitable for long-term deployments" published in Atmospheric Pollution Research. Robert Healy (Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch, Ontario Ministry of [...]

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