Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Clients turn to SiREM to help evaluate the effectiveness of antimicrobial products against many kinds of microorganisms. We address product formulation, lot-to-lot consistency, and product degradation and bioaccumulation, according to many different methods.

Antimicrobial efficacy testing is a closely regulated process that evaluates disinfectants and sanitizing products used by household and industry consumers. This work is carried out to substantiate product claims made by manufacturers and provide valuable data for their products.

With SiREM’s comprehensive testing services, clients can evaluate the effectiveness of antimicrobial products against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Clients turn to us for biosafety level (BSL) II in-house viral culturing and for fungal propagation to support product claims, whether they are at the beginning or near the final stages of product submission.

GLP and Non-GLP Testing

SiREM conducts antimicrobial efficacy testing using different methods depending on clients’ specific regulatory and research needs:

  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Testing: Our GLP-compliant testing follows strict protocols to support the highest level of data integrity and traceability. This level of testing is ideal for submissions to regulatory agencies and for situations where rigorous quality control and documentation are essential.

  • Non-GLP Testing: Non-GLP testing provides a more flexible and cost-effective solution for preliminary research and development. While adhering to sound scientific practices, this level of testing is suitable for early-stage investigations and exploratory studies.

The SiREM Difference.

  • Great customer service.

    We want to see your product on store shelves, too! We work toward your goal, regardless of how many steps are required, providing high-quality, defensible data. We communicate clearly with you, with prompt project updates and answers to your questions.

  • A consulting mindset.

    GLP testing is rigorous and often requires a significant amount of time. Not everything goes as planned. We are creative thinkers who find solutions to problems when they arise.

  • Flexible methods to support innovation.

    We know that to test innovative products, we may need to modify standard methods. We offer you experience and know-how to develop methods acceptable to USEPA for anything from formulation testing to product decomposition.

  • Knowledgeable staff.

    We are a diverse group of chemists, microbiologists, molecular biologists, environmental scientists, and engineers with multiple PhD and masters-level degrees. Our people’s expertise across the sciences allows us to work together to solve even the most complex problems.

At our core, we embrace industry challenges that others might shy away from, collaborating with clients to pioneer innovative solutions and formulate groundbreaking products within the antimicrobial realm, including the following:

  • Product formulation testing: Products with novel delivery methods, such as an impregnated or coated materials, require data to show that all active ingredients are accessible and consistent.

  • Lot-to-lot consistency: Products are initially tested before manufacturing has been completely set. Evaluating the lot-to-lot consistency helps optimize manufacturing and provides more defensible efficacy data.

  • Efficacy testing with various methods: SiREM employs USEPA, AOAC, ASTM, EN, and AATCC methods to test for efficacy in the United States, Canada, and internationally.

  • Viral, bacterial, and fungal capabilities: A BSL-2 laboratory, SiREM can culture bacteria, fungi, and viruses in-house, which allows us to handle a multitude of microorganisms and surrogates for higher-level organisms.

  • Product degradation and bioaccumulation testing: Because SiREM has conducted biotreatability studies for over 20 years to examine how compounds behave in specific environments, we offer expertise directly relevant to antimicrobial products.

Method development to allow extraction and recovery of antimicrobial products.

Our latest innovative testing includes the developing an aerosolized product for an international client with antiviral efficacy in the air upon air-to-air contact with viruses, as well as on surfaces.

SiREM teams with our clients to offer various methods of testing, including biological aerosol testing for air-to-air disinfection, shown above.

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