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Aerobic 1,4-Dioxane-Degrading Microbial Culture

SiREM has successfully developed this aerobic 1,4-dioxane degrading, microbial culture enriched from a 1,4-dioxane contaminated site in California.

1,4-Dioxane has emerged as a particularly concerning contaminant present in the natural environment due to its persistence and potential harmful effects. Its recalcitrant behavior and resistance to traditional remediation methods have prompted the search for novel and effective strategies for its degradation.

One such promising avenue lies in the utilization of microbial communities naturally present in the environment. These communities have adapted over time to metabolize diverse organic compounds, and recent discoveries have revealed specialized bacteria with the potential to degrade recalcitrant pollutants like 1,4-dioxane.

The culture was established in 2015 and enriched using a specialized growth medium containing 1,4-dioxane as the sole carbon source. Over successive subculturing, a distinct microbial consortium emerged, demonstrating consistent microbial growth in the presence of 1,4-dioxane. The DXO-88 culture has been scaled up and has been both bench and field tested under both metabolic and cometabolic conditions.


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SiREM has other bioaugmentation cultures that can address a wide range of recalcitrant chemicals, including:

  • KB-1® and KB-1® Plus cultures for chlorinated compounds such as PCE, TCE, 1,1,1-TCA and chloroform in anaerobic environments.
  • DGG Plus for benzene, toluene, and xylene in anaerobic environments.

We also offer Treatability testing services for complex sites to learn how to test and optimize your remedial strategy.

The DXO-88 culture only works under aerobic conditions. There may be options to couple aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation approaches. Contact us to discuss your site-specific questions.

At SiREM, we are always developing new cultures to remediate contaminants of concern. If your site has a contaminant that we do not have listed, please contact us.

Yes. Before using DXO-88 at your site, consider including molecular biological tools to assess for the presence of known 1,4-dioxane degrading microbes.

Gene-Trac® Testing will target the functional genes related to 1,4-dioxane metabolism or co-metabolism. The analyses will determine if the microbial community contains the necessary functional genes for complete 1,4-dioxane degradation.

Gene-Trac® NGS is a powerful tool to assess a microbial communities in groundwater or other media and provide insight on the presence of aerobic organisms and whether they are associated with 1,4-dioxane biodegradation. NGS can provide insights into the types of microorganisms that are thriving under the site conditions.

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DXO-88 is typically injected into injection wells or into existing recirculation systems. A SiREM representative is available to work with your team to determine the best way to inject the culture at your site.

SiREM will also work with you to ensure compliance with any relevant local, state, or federal regulations governing the use of bacterial cultures.

SiREM’s specialized performance monitoring tests are used in conjunction with routine analytical tests to increase your ability to verify remediation success, optimize performance, and detect upset conditions.

Our specialized performance monitoring services for bioremediation include:

  • Gene-Trac® Testing to monitor baseline and growth and spread of introduced beneficial microbes. Two FREE Gene-Trac® tests are included with all bioremediation culture purchases to verify that the bioaugmentation injection was successful and check for the growth of the DXO-88 culture in site groundwater.
  • Analytical Testing to perform compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA).

Please contact us if you have questions about how performance monitoring supports successful bioremediation.

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