Sarah joined SiREM officially in April 2021 – after spending six months with the Knoxville team repurposing their lab for SARS-CoV-2 testing during the pandemic. She started her career in consulting as a field staff engineer in Acton, MA, but could not stay away from the lab for long. Throughout her experience, Sarah has worked in an isotope geochemistry lab, an iron geochemistry lab, and even spent some time as a manager for a plant molecular biology lab. Clearly, she has an interest in the bench scale and some interdisciplinary chops that are well suited to SiREM’s creative problem solving. Next to designing experiments, Sarah enjoys supervising the expanding team of scientists in Knoxville.

In her free time, she enjoys the hiking and natural scenery of the Smokies with her boyfriend and Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Molly. Sarah is even paying homage to the region by taking up banjo.

“I achieved a life milestone working with SiREM and the COVID-19 services. I’m empowered by the team here and their willingness to work on the most challenging problems.” – Sarah Cronk, M. Sc., E.I.T., Lab Supevisor