Permanganate stock solutions used for NOD testing Thermally activated persulfate (EK-TAP) studies being performed at SiREM

In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) can promote rapid reduction of contaminant mass. As an industry leader in bench-scale treatability and column studies SiREM offers a range of laboratory testing services to evaluate the effectiveness of ISCO processes and to optimize remediation system design parameters for field application.

Natural Oxidant Demand Tests

Natural (or matrix) oxidant demand (NOD) is a key parameter that affects the cost and feasibility of ISCO remediation. Permanganate NOD is strongly correlated to the mass of oxidant required to overcome the background oxidant demand of the geologic materials (matrix) and/or contaminants. SiREM provides high quality NOD tests for use in design and implementation of ISCO remedies. Our NOD tests use ASTM and other established industry protocols to provide reliable measurement of the NOD of site samples. SiREM routinely performs tests for permanganate NOD and persulfate oxidant demand using a variety of activation chemistries.

ISCO Treatability Studies

SiREM conducts batch reactor and column studies to quantify oxidant demand and demonstrate the degradation of contaminants by chemical oxidation under simulated site conditions which are used to guide remediation planning by answering key design questions including:

  • Will target contaminants degrade using a specified oxidant dose?
  • Which oxidant performs best under site conditions?
  • Which activation chemistry is optimal?
  • What concentration and mass of oxidant is required?
  • What are the contaminant degradation rates?
  • Is mobilization of metals or gas generation a concern?

SiREM routinely tests commercially available oxidants and related approaches including:

  • Permanganate
  • Activated persulfate (e.g., matrix, heat, alkaline and iron activation)
  • Hydrogen peroxide/Fenton’s chemistry
  • Combined technologies with ISCO (e.g, bioremediation or surfactant washing)
  • Electrokinetic studies to evaluate enhanced distribution of oxidants

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