Passive Sampler for Hydrophobic Organic Compounds: SP3™

SiREM provides a comprehensive passive sampler and interpretation service (SP3™) for the quantification of hydrophobic organic compounds, including PCBs, PAHs, OCPs, and Dioxins and Furans in pore water (sediment and soil), surface water and storm water.

The SP3™ sampler provides data to estimate contaminant bioavailability to environmental receptors that is more representative than conventional grab samples, as it quantifies contaminants only in the dissolved form.

Off-the Shelf, Comprehensive Solutions

  • Durable, field tested, ready-to-use samplers for use on site of with sediment or soils samples
  • Unique diver-less deployment and retrieval options to reduce costs and speed up field deployments
  • Configurable and customizable for PAHs, PCBs, OCPs, dioxin and furans and other hydrophobic organic compounds using standard EPA SW-846 methods and protocols
  • Results provided on a dissolved-phase basis (e.g. ng PCB/L porewater in a reporting format for easy interpretation by data users and decision makers

A Cost-Effective Solution

    • Passive sampling provides a better understanding of environmental risks and mobility of organic compounds – potentially saving millions of dollars per site in unnecessary investigation, remediation and management costs
    • SP3™ services are cost-competitive with traditional chemical measurements and provide superior data value to inform site investigation and decision-making

A Decision-making Tool

  • Decision makers use passive sampling to provide critical data for:
    • Fate and risk assessment
    • Toxicity identification
    • Remediation design and monitoring
    • Enhanced stormwater and effluent monitoring
  • SP3™ is accepted by USEPA and state regulatory agencies
  • SIREM is listed as a service provided in USEPA passive sampling guidance

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pdf SiREM Sediment Pore Water Sampler for Hydrophobic Organic Compounds

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