Passive Sampler for Water Soluble Compounds: SPeeper™

SiREM’s SPeeper™ is a comprehensive passive sampler and interpretation service for measuring water soluble compounds in pore water (sediment and soil), surface water and stormwater. It is the ideal tool for concentration determination of many analytes including metals, dissolved organic carbon, phosphorus and other major anions.

Off-the Shelf, Comprehensive Solutions

  • Durable, field-tested, ready-to-use sampler shipped directly to the site
  • A diverless system available and the option of live-feed underwater monitoring is available for safe, affordable and reliable deployment
  • Inclusion of a reverse tracer allows for the equilibrium conditions of each individual sampler to be determined
  • Results provided on a dissolved phase basis (e.g., ng/L pore water), providing a superior, time averaged, representation of bioavailable concentrations

A Cost-Effective Solution

    • Improved understanding of environmental risk and mobility of target compounds as it measures only dissolved analytes and does not measure precipitated or adsorbed species
      • Potential to save money in unnecessary investigation, remediation and management costs
    • Cost-competitive with traditional chemical measurements and there is less risk of contamination and overestimation compared to other traditional sampling techniques

 A Decision-making Tool

  • Decision makers use passive sampling to provide critical data for:
    • Fate and risk assessment
    • Toxicity identification
    • Remediation design and monitoring
    • Enhanced stormwater and effluent monitoring
  • SIREM is listed as a service provided in USEPA passive sampling guidance

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pdf SiREM Sediment Pore Water Sampler for Dissolved Compounds

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