Laboratory Sediment Treatability Studies

Bench-scale laboratory treatability studies are a cost-effective tool to assess and optimize remediation technology options prior to field implementation. These studies efficiently provide comparisons of various treatment technologies, test multiple conditions concurrently and provide the flexibility to assess changes to the remediation strategy that would be impractical at field scale.

SiREM’s treatability laboratory is equipped with the expertise and instrumentation required to perform bench-scale studies for sediment remediation under various redox conditions. SiREM conducts the studies using site sediment cores and anaerobic chambers to preserve in situ redox conditions. This allows the evaluation of biodegradation or sequestration of contaminants under the range of geochemical conditions commonly observed in existing sediment profiles and engineered horizons (e.g., sediment caps).

SiREM has expertise in the design, execution and interpretation of treatability studies for common sediment contaminants including:

  • Petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Metals
  • PCBs
  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Other recalcitrant compounds.

SiREM sediment studies can be used to assess:

  • Monitored Natural Recovery
    • Evaluation of the rate and extent of intrinsic biological and abiotic degradation
    • Evaluation of acclimation periods for natural microbial populations
  • Enhanced Monitored Natural Recovery
    • Assessment of sediment cap performance
    • Assessment of bioaugmentation
    • Selection and dosing of electron donors and acceptors
    • Estimation of site-specific enhanced degradation rates
  • Sequestration Processes
    • Evaluation of dosage and type of sorbents (e.g., activated carbon)
    • Impact of biota, such as worms and other invertebrates

Our comprehensive study reports provide the information required for design of effective pilot and full-scale systems for sediment sites.

Please contact SIREM for more information on our sediment treatability study services or to obtain a quotation.

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