Passive Sampler for Hydrophobic Organic Compounds

Before SiREM’s SP3, it was difficult to understand just how much of the hydrophobic organic compounds measured at a given site were actually bioavailable to receptors.

SiREM’s SP3 passive sampler and comprehensive interpretation service measures organic compounds, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), and dioxins and furans in porewater, surface water, and stormwater.

When compared with conventional sampling, the SP3 provides data that is more useful for estimating how bioavailable a contaminant is to environmental receptors. This is because the SP3 only measures contaminants in their dissolved form.

Whether it is used for improving site characterization by focusing on contaminant transport, assessing ecological and human health risk, or evaluating remedial efficacy, SiREM’s SP3 passive sampling service provides project managers and regulators unparalleled support and data quality. Sampler configurations can be customized to fit all sampling plansfrom the very simple to the more complexfor porewater and surface water deployments.

Tailor your sampling plan: Not only can SP3 samplers be deployed at the site to gather information for site characterization and baseline risk assessment, but they can also be deployed after remediation to monitor progress and efficacy of the remedial design.

Additionally, if you want to eliminate the potential for sampler loss and optimize amendment strategy, you can collect sediment samples and send them to SiREM for ex-situ tumbling in our laboratory.

SP3 Samplers Provide Off-theShelf, Comprehensive Solutions

  • Durable, field tested, ready-to-use onsite  

  • Diverless deployment and retrieval options to reduce costs and speed up field deployments and retrieval 

  • Configurable and customizable for PAHs, PCBs, OCPs, dioxin and furans, and other hydrophobic organic compounds using standard United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) SW-846 methods and protocols 

  • Results on a dissolved-phase basis (e.g., nanograms per liter [ng/L] porewater) in an easy-to-interpret reporting format  

SP3 Samplers Are a Cost-Effective Solution

  • Provide a better understanding of environmental risks and mobility of organic compounds, while avoiding unnecessary investigation, remediation, and management costs. 

  • Provide superior data value (capturing trends over time) to better inform site investigation and decision making. 

SP3 Samplers Are a Decision-Making Tool

  • Passive sampling provides critical data to help decision makers design remediation strategies. Data provided via passive sampling informs the following: 

    • Better understandings of fate and transport of chemicals 
    • More accurate identification of toxicity 
    • Better decisions about monitoring, including enhanced stormwater and effluent monitoring 
  • SP3 is accepted by USEPA and state regulatory agencies.

  • SiREM is listed as a service provider in USEPA passive sampling guidance.  

  • Results on a dissolved-phase basis (e.g., nanograms per liter [ng/L] porewater) in an easy-to-interpret reporting format  

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