Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday, March 25th, 2021 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT, featuring Curtis Laush.

SiREM’s webinar series features guest speakers who are subject matter experts to provide the latest information on technology advances in environmental remediation and site characterization. The webinars will combine recent research and development activities for new and emerging contaminants and technologies with real world applications to characterize and remediate contaminated sites.

We hope you will join us for our next webinar:

SiREM Photonics: A New Service Area for Continuous Environmental & Process Monitoring



The SiREM Photonics Laboratory provides custom spectroscopic applications for the detection of gaseous and aerosol contaminants at very low concentrations for our customers that include the semiconductor industry and air pollution control equipment suppliers. As most gas and aerosol molecules absorb light proportional to their concentration, the presence of specific compounds can be determined by their spectral patterns, providing real-time monitoring data of emissions.

Photonics services include global field measurement services, instrument design, implementation, installation & maintenance along with professional training, chemistry consultation, data interpretation, management, and reporting for a wide variety of industrial sectors. Technology applications include custom laser spectroscopy applications such as long path fence line air monitoring and laser ablation of solids for material composition analysis using FTIR spectroscopy.

Example sectors include:

Oil/Gas and Petrochemical: Fence-line and ambient air station measurement methods development, installation, operation and maintenance, process emissions testing and control, and real-time particulate monitoring systems.

Semiconductor: Facility and point-of-use abatement testing and chemistry consultation, house thermal oxidizer abatement testing, wet and dry process tool emissions testing, real-time measurement methods and instrumentation for greenhouse gases, cleanroom airborne molecular contaminants and wet process exhausts of acids, amines, and VOCs.

Cement, Incinerator, Fertilizer & Electrical Power: Abatement system monitoring; installation/maintenance of CEM instrumentation, ambient air monitoring with the development of measurement methods and instrumentation methods for low-level (pptv, parts per trillion by volume) monitoring.

Regulatory Agencies & Research Organizations: Development and validation of new parts per trillion by volume (pptv) level measurement methods for air pollutants.

The Presenters:

Curtis Laush
Curt Laush is a process physical chemist and the new Photonics Laboratory Manager at SiREM based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has over 30 years’ experience in the development of optical remote sensing measurement methods and instrumentation that serve many industries. He has conducted field measurement services, instrumentation installation and maintenance services, training and chemistry consultation, data interpretation and applied technology development throughout. Curt is trained as an optical spectroscopist and gas/aerosol phase chemist. Dr. Laush received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign in 1994.

Devin Wang
After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, the SiREM Photonics Service area caught Devin’s eye with how closely the work was related to his own interests. While earning his bachelor’s degree at Pennsylvania State University, Devin was doing research in the department of Atmospheric Sciences focusing on developing high atmospheric conditions at ground level in a confined space as well as semiconductor and circuit board manufacturing processes. Since starting full-time, Devin has been working closely with SiREM Photonics Services Manager, Curt Laush in developing and building FTIR continuous process monitoring spectrometers for SiREM’s new photonics customers.

Brent Pautler
Brent received his Ph.D. environmental analytical chemistry in 2013 where he gained advanced technical experience in spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, passive sampling, and chemistry informatics. Throughout his career, Brent has worked with scientists, engineers, and consultants, applying his chemistry and information technology expertise to help them solve unique problems in the laboratory and the field. His role includes customer service, managing and advancing SiREM’s passive sampling portfolio and analytical testing services while supporting SiREM Photonics business development.

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