As the global pandemic descended in March 2020 the need for SARS CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) testing became apparent.  As a part of our pandemic response, SiREM quickly developed SARS CoV-2 testing services for environmental samples under our Gene-Trac® testing program that now includes surface wipe tests, sanitary sewage testing and pooled saliva surveillance.

SiREM has been working closely with customers such as municipalities, universities, care homes and private schools that are proactively managing their pandemic response and infection control while at the same time reducing the need for costly and time consuming individual clinical tests. For example, wastewater tests at university dormitories are proving useful for identifying outbreaks before they happen, which in turn ensures a safe environment for students to live and study.

It’s really fantastic that you are offering this expertise. For schools like mine, having a more affordable way to address the COVID-19 challenge will help these institutions navigate the coming challenges. The human testing program is staggeringly expensive, and I don’t see how it’s going to be sustainable for the length of time that we might have this virus around.

Dr. Loren Launen, Professor of Biology, Keene State College

SiREM is also providing pooled saliva surveillance testing for leading long-term care homes that reduce the need for uncomfortable nasal swabs and reduce costs compared to individual clinical tests.

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