SiREM’s Sandra Dworatzek and Brent Pautler to Contribute to AEHS Annual Conference

Sandra Dworatzek, M.Sc. and Brent Pautler, Ph.D. (Ontario) will participate in the Association for Environmental Health and Science (AEHS) Foundation 32nd Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Mission Valley in San Diego, California.

Sandra will present “PFASsive: A Diffusion-Based Equilibrium Passive Sampler for PFAS Detection in Sediment Pore Water and Surface Water” at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Her coauthors are Brent Pautler, Alexander Sweett, Iryna Ilina, and Jeff Roberts of SiREM, along with Anh Pham, Blessing Medon, Florent Risacher, Lisa D’Agostino, Rachel Zajac-Fay, Jason Conder, Jeremy Gauthier, Scott Mabury, Amila O. De Silva. Andrew Patterson, Patricia McIsaac, and Robert Mitzel.

Brent contributed to poster, “Understanding the Sewer Preferential Pathway – Sewer Gas Collection using Passive Samplers as an Alternative to Canisters”, that will be displayed in collaboration with Eurofins Environmental Testing.  His coauthors are Heidi Hayes and Kesler Krieg of Eurofins Environmental Testing, and Robert Uppencamp of Arcadis.

Sandra is a Principal Scientist with more than 25 years of experience bioremediating chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, emerging contaminants and other recalcitrant compounds. She oversees the development and scaleup of new bioaugmentation cultures, including those targeting BTEX compounds under anaerobic conditions and 1,4-dioxane under aerobic conditions. Sandra is the industry lead on a project funded by Genome Canada that aims to commercialize anaerobic BTEX-degrading cultures.

The Chemistry Services Manager at SiREM, Brent is an environmental analytical chemist with expertise in passive sampling, spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, and chemistry informatics. He works with scientists, engineers, and consultants, applying his chemistry and information technology acumen to help them solve unique problems in the laboratory and the field. He is focused on supporting and advancing SiREM’s passive sampling portfolio.

The Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air brings the environmental science community together by providing a forum for discussing technological advances, new scientific achievements, and the effectiveness of standing environmental regulation programs. The conference is sponsored by the AEHS Foundation, Inc.

The AEHS Foundation is a nonprofit, member-supported, professional organization that fosters communication and cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenges of soil, sediment, and water assessment, cleanup, and protection. It hosts conferences and seminars, sponsors publications, and helps develop collaborative partnerships, both in person and through its online community.

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