Brent Pautler, Ph.D., (Ontario) will present “Passive Sampling for Soil Gas and Vapor Intrusion Investigations” at the Focused Remediation Seminars (FRS) Virtual Webinar at 2:25 PM EDT on June 23, 2022.

Brent is the Chemistry Services Manager at SiREM and an environmental analytical chemist with advanced technical experience in passive sampling, spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, and chemistry informatics. Throughout his career, he has worked with scientists, engineers, and consultants, applying his chemistry and information technology expertise to help them solve unique problems in the laboratory and the field. He is focused on supporting and advancing SiREM’s passive sampling portfolio.

Few things in life are truly free…time is very valuable, and the FRS team understands that!

The responses received during the premiere offering of the Focused Remediation Seminars were overwhelmingly positive, and there have been multiple requests for additional FRS partnerships. Accordingly, the 2022 FRS schedule has been announced with new guest speakers from 212 Environmental, Dakota Technologies, Inc., Eagle Synergistic, EPRO Services Inc., FRx, Inc.Groundswell Technologies, Inc.Gregg Drilling, Hartman Environmental GeoscienceSiREM, and VaporSafe.

The 2022 event will present detailed technical information on best-available remedial technologies, modern advances in process chemistries, design and selection criteria, remedial construction/implementation strategies, and field monitoring.  These seminars are offered at no cost to attend (pre-registration required), and certificates for CEU credits, Professional Development Hours, and/or LSP credits upon full participation and completion of the event are provided.


Passive vapor samplers have been used for decades for soil gas surveys and have recently been demonstrated and validated to provide quantitative concentration measurements through a Department of Defense ESTCP research project. Data accuracy improvements for passive samples have been realized through the introduction of low uptake rate samplers that reduce or eliminate “the starvation effect”, which can low bias concentration data.  Low uptake rate samplers also provide representative results in mass flux limited scenarios, such as low permeability soils. Multiple studies indicate strong correlation between vapor concentrations measured by passive samples and Summa canisters. Multiple lines of evidence are generally preferred for vapor intrusion assessments because the strengths of one line of evidence off-set the weaknesses of another when carefully combined. Passive samplers have distinct advantages that complement conventional active samples.

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