Duane Graves, Ph.D. (Tennessee) authored a paper entitled “How Strategic Technologies Minimize Liabilities and Save Lives” published in the In-House Defense Quarterly on pages 23-29 in the Summer 2022 Volume.

Duane Graves is the U.S. Operations Manager for SiREM, a division of Geosyntec. He is based in Tennessee and has more than 30 years of experience focused on environmental biotechnology; environmental forensics; in situ groundwater, soil and sediment remediation; evaluation of airborne biological contaminants; and remediation of groundwater.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered both perceptions and practice of normalcy in work, economy, education, health care, and personal life. It has revealed weaknesses in our social infrastructure and limitations in our ability or desire to care for one another while also demonstrating human resiliency and creativity.

Technical advances have lessened the impact when they have been deployed. For example, the development of safe and effective vaccines in a remarkably short time should be heralded as a dazzling scientific accomplishment regardless of personal perceptions about the vaccines. Unfortunately, several factors have minimized the full potential of science and technology to further mitigate the severity of the pandemic.

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