Larissa Smith, M.Sc.
Sr. Laboratory Technician

Larissa joined SiREM in November 2020 and immediately started contributing  to SiREM’s treatability studies service area. She has over a decade of laboratory experience in a wide variety of fields and brings that background to the way she approaches her work.

Working at SiREM means I am contributing to a healthier, more sustainable environment. I like being able to see the process from problem to solution. – Larissa Smith, M.Sc., Sr. Laboratory Technician

During her undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta, Larissa published research on the fabrication of silicon carbide nanomaterials. She moved to Queen’s University for her Master’s degree where she published work on the synthesis and application of sensitized rare earth metal complexes for fluoride sensing. After some time in an analytical lab, Larissa moved back to Queen’s University to work in the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining as a technician for four years. When her partner moved to Edmonton for post-doctoral research, she worked for a startup company synthesizing silicon quantum dots to be selective sensors for explosives. She is excited to learn, grow, and contribute to SiREM for many years.

In her free time, Larissa plays Dungeons and Dragons and is an avid long-distance runner. Whenever she is home, you can be sure her two cats are nearby.