Sandra Dworatzek, (ON) will present “From the Lab to the Field – How Treatability Testing Supports Successful Field Outcomes” at the Focused Remediation Seminars (FRS) Virtual Webinar at 2:25 PM EDT on April 14, 2022.

Sandra is a Principal Scientist with more than 25 years of experience in bioremediation of chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, emerging contaminants and other recalcitrant compounds. She has specific technical experience in the design of laboratory treatability studies, the scale up of growth of aerobic and anaerobic microbial cultures for bioaugmentation laboratory and field pilot tests, and evaluation of aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation, zero valent iron and chemical oxidation technologies in the laboratory. She currently provides senior technical oversight of laboratory treatability studies and the development and scaleup of new bioaugmentation cultures, including novel cultures for BTEX compounds under anaerobic conditions and aerobic 1,4-dioxane bioremediation. Sandra currently is the industry lead on a Genome Canada funded project for the commercialization of anaerobic BTEX degrading cultures.

Few things in life are truly free…time is very valuable, and the FRS team understands that!

The responses received during the premiere offering of the Focused Remediation Seminars were overwhelmingly positive, and there have been multiple requests for additional FRS partnerships. Accordingly, the 2022 FRS schedule has been announced with new guest speakers from 212 Environmental, Dakota Technologies, Inc., Eagle Synergistic, EPRO Services Inc., FRx, Inc.Groundswell Technologies, Inc.Gregg Drilling, Hartman Environmental GeoscienceSiREM, and VaporSafe.

The 2022 event will present detailed technical information on best-available remedial technologies, modern advances in process chemistries, design and selection criteria, remedial construction/implementation strategies, and field monitoring.  These seminars are offered at no cost to attend (pre-registration required), and certificates for CEU credits, Professional Development Hours, and/or LSP credits upon full participation and completion of the event are provided.


Bench-scale treatability testing has proven invaluable in identifying the conditions compatible with treatment technology success or alternatively where treatment technologies are unlikely to succeed. A growing body of knowledge from laboratory treatability testing and field applications provides insights for successful treatment at field sites.  This presentation will provide examples of bench-scale treatability tests that were conducted prior to field implementation and discuss the lessons learned and project outcomes.

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