SiREM is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Isodetect GmbH, a leading provider of Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA). CSIA is a proven technology used to evaluate the extent of contaminant degradation, versus non-degradative losses, as well as “fingerprinting” contaminants for source identification and differentiation. The addition of CSIA expands SiREM’s portfolio of advanced tools that also includes molecular genetic testing (Gene-Trac®), treatability studies and other analyses used to understand and optimize remediation processes.

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Learn about how CSIA can assist in contaminant degradation assessment and source identification in our upcoming webinar Integrating CSIA into your Site Management Strategy on Sept. 30 at 12 PM EDT. The Webinar will include presentations by  Dr. Kevin Kuntze & Dr. Anko Fischer of Isodetect  who will  draw on their decades of experience to highlight case studies involving CSIA as well as other performance monitoring techniques. Dr. Brent Pautler (Chemistry Services Manager, SiREM) will introduce the SiREM Isodetect partnership and discuss how CSIA can complement SiREM’s other analytical testing services to provide enhanced understanding of contaminant degradation processes and site characterization. Register here.

Analytical Testing Services for Remediation Performance Monitoring:

Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA): a powerful tool for bioremediation performance monitoring and contaminant source information as isotopic signatures from stable isotopes such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur, can be traced back to specific mechanisms and/or origin. CSIA provides a quantitative approach to differentiate between biotic and abiotic degradation reaction pathways and contaminant sources and can be applied as a line of evidence for monitored natural attenuation (MNA).

Gene-Trac® Molecular Testing: Over 40 different Gene-Trac® tests are available to quantify key microorganisms, functional genes and microbial community composition for assessment of bioremediation and other biological systems. Gene-Trac® Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is used to better understand the current and potential functions of microbial communities as a whole.

Specialized Analytical Testing: Analytical services to monitor remediation processes and progress, including dissolved hydrocarbon gases, volatile fatty acids, and  anions. SiREMNA™ is an advanced testing suite to evaluate geochemical and biological parameters important in natural attenuation remedies for organic and inorganic compounds.

We are Excited to Introduce Our New Partners at Isodetect GmbH

Kevin Kuntze, Ph.D. | Project Manager

Kevin is the lab manager and innovation expert at Isodetect GmbH, Germany. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Leipzig (Germany) in the research field of anaerobic biodegradation of groundwater contaminants. Before his engagement at Isodetect, Kevin worked as a coordinator of a joint German-Israel Research Project and as an executive assistant at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany. In the past 16 years he developed many innovative tools in the area of molecular biology and compound-specific isotope analysis for the assessment of in situ degradation of organic contaminants. As the innovation expert at Isodetect he is responsible for the development and implementation of new and highly efficient analytical tools within the business areas of pollutant degradation and monitoring of gas & geothermal energy processing.


Anko Fisher, Ph.D. | Supervising Manager

Anko is the leader of the Isodetect team in Leipzig. He is a geoecologist and an expert in the field of isotope analysis of contaminated sites. He has published more than 30 peer reviewed articles on the development of isotope tools for the assessment of pollutant degradation and source identification. He has managed and evaluated more than 150 projects in the field of contaminated site assessment. Anko also has extensive technical and practical knowledge in the analysis of stable isotopes and comprehensive experience in the processing and management of funded R&D projects.


About Isodetect

Isodetect offers isotope analytical services and scientific expertise to stakeholders in groundwater remediation, the oil and gas industry as well as environmental monitoring worldwide. Isodetect  holds key knowledge and intellectual property for natural attenuation monitoring, source identification and in situ remediation at contaminated sites (e.g., BTEX, chlorinated ethenes, HCHs, MTBE, PAH, TPH, micropollutants, pesticides, explosives). Isodetect’s services include  CSIA, Stable Isotope Probing (SIP), in situ microcosms (BACTRAPs®), laboratory microcosm studies, metabolite analysis, molecular genetic techniques (qPCR) and GC-MS screening.

With on-going technological developments in isotope monitoring, Isodetect supplies tools that provide evidence for and characterize and quantify, the natural and stimulated biological/chemical transformation of new classes of pollutants. Isodetect’s business model includes the market introduction of innovative know-how, which is generated in close cooperation with partners from science and technology. Our goal is to translate new insights into practice through effective technology transfer.

To find out more about how SiREM can assist with your analytical testing and performance monitoring needs, visit our contact us page or contact Brent Pautler, SiREM’s Chemistry Services Manager (