Pueblo Science provides science education to low resource communities in the developing world and in Canada. This year SiREM was a proud sponsor of “Good Morning Science” which was held online on 6-Feb-21. The event included over 100 participants and a good time was had by all!

The event included Keynote Speaker Matt Russo, a Professor at University of Toronto who spoke on the “Music of the Universe”. SiREM’s Phil Dennis made an appearance as The “Amazing” Phil presenting science based “magic” tricks. The highlight was the science-based workshops in which kids participated at home. A favorite was the DIY Lava Lamp workshop, hosted by staff from co-sponsor ThermoFisher. Other fun and educational activities are pictured below.

“My kids usually sleep in on weekends but upon learning that there’s a Pueblo Science event, they woke up early and even dressed up for the online fundraiser! My boys were amazed to hear about the solar system and how beautiful the sounds associated with the movements of the planets could be. The kids are also looking forward for their plants and sea monsters to grow. Thank you, Pueblo Science for organizing such a fun and educational event!” – Parent Jane Taguicana