Duane Graves, Ph.D. and Sarah Cronk (Tennessee) will attend and participate in IMPACT2022, the midyear meeting of the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA), which will be held both online and in person at The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. May 11 through 13, 2022.

Duane and Sarah will be available at the SiREM booth to talk about SiREM’s antimicrobial and pesticidal safety and efficacy testing. Attendees are encouraged to visit the booth to learn about our established methods to test for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, and viruses (following U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [USEPA] or ASTM protocols). Duane and Sarah can also discuss how SiREM has responded to the recent influx of novel antimicrobial products, including developing new testing methods, gaining approval for them before employing the method, and reporting results.

Duane Graves is the U.S. Operations Manager at SiREM. In this role, he brings more than 30 years focused on the study of environmental biotechnology, environmental forensics, airborne biological contaminants, and groundwater remediation, as well as in situ remediation of groundwater, soil, and sediment. Duane develops and employs remedies for complex problems involving hazardous materials, mixed-waste treatability, process engineering, and wastewater. His SiREM practice also includes biogeochemical evaluations related to metals attenuation and the investigation and mitigation of biological agents. In addition, he provides expert testimony and other legal support on matters related to environmental chemistry, the microbiology associated with organics, organochlorines, inorganics, and metals, environmental forensics, liability, remediation, and environmental technology.

Sarah Cronk is Lab Supervisor at the SiREM Knoxville Lab and has a varied background in environmental engineering, toxicology, and geochemistry. She has used her knowledge of iron chemistry to draw conclusions about the stability of carbon and to engineer environmental conditions to offset the impacts of climate change. In her role as lab supervisor, Sarah oversees SiREM’s remediation and molecular biology projects, conducts treatability studies, designs sampling schemes, and ensures that the lab meets the USEPA’s Good Lab Practice Standards. Recently, she has been deeply involved both in SiREM’s work testing wastewater and pooled saliva during the COVID pandemic and in working to develop and test antimicrobial products.

HCPA’s Mid-Year Meeting, IMPACT2022 offers attendees the chance to learn about and engage on the public policy issues that impact the household and commercial products industry. Thought leaders from inside and outside the industry will discuss regulatory issues, information related to product registrations, and disruptions caused by COVID-19. Sessions focus on issues that impact household and commercial products, including ingredient communication, retailer expectations, product safety, the supply chain, market trends, packaging, and technical issues.

The HCPA represents companies that make and sell products used for cleaning, protecting, maintaining, and disinfecting in homes and commercial environments. Their mission is to protect, promote, and enhance the household and commercial products industry and the consumers and workers who use their members’ products.

More Information

About the event: www.events.thehcpa.org
About HCPA: www.thehcpa.org
Learn more about Duane:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/duane-graves-a7b79b16/
Learn more about Sarah: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sscronk/
For consultation regarding antimicrobial products contact Duane or Sarah at dgraves@siremlab.com or scronk@siremlab.com.