Digital PCR -The Continued Evolution of Gene-Trac® Testing

SiREM is pleased to announce the arrival of leading-edge digital PCR (dPCR) for advanced bioremediation monitoring and assessment.

How Digital PCR Works: In dPCR, microfluidics partitions the reaction into >20,000 micro-wells. If a micro-well receives

target DNA, it is amplified and the well fluoresces (positive), if no target DNA is received, there is no fluorescence (negative). The greater the proportion of positive to negative wells the greater the calculated abundance of the gene-target in the sample.

Advantages of Digital PCR:

  • Absolute quantification–digital PCR doesn’t rely on external standards, providing more accurate “absolute” quantification.
  • Greater resistance to PCR inhibition –Environmental samples can contain inhibitors that low bias qPCR, this is less likely with digital PCR.
  • More efficient multiplexing – Up to 4 gene targets can be analyzed in the same test.
  • Low sample volume requirements – less DNA is required per test, allowing more tests per sample.

Coming Soon Gene-Trac® Digital Arrays…

Gene-Trac® Digital Arrays provide value by quantifying many more gene targets in a single sample and will allow site managers to better understand bioremediation processes.  SiREM’s premier Gene-Trac® Digital Array offerings will include:

  • KB-1-TracA 9-target array providing custom monitoring of KB-1® bioaugmentation by quantifying key microbes and pathways, including multiple Dehalococcoides (Dhc) reductive dehalogenase genes (vcrA, bvcA, tceA, pceA), dechlorinating Geobacter, Dhc nitrogen fixation potential, quantification of vitamin B12 producing Acetobacterium, and total microbial biomass.
  • Gene-Trac® Dechlorination Array– 32 target digital array for reductive dechlorination and aerobic degradation pathways for a range of chlorinated solvents and pathways, providing comprehensive data for MNA and enhanced bioremediation assessments.

For more information on SiREM’s Gene-Trac® Digital PCR and Gene-Trac® Digital Arrays please reach out to us at