Natural attenuation (NA) processes are increasingly recognized as playing a vital role in remediation of chlorinated solvents and other contaminants. Remediation strategies based on NA processes can be cost-effective as a primary remediation approach or for polishing after more aggressive remediation approaches are implemented.

Despite the importance of NA pathways, a comprehensive suite of testing services for NA parameters has been unavailable in the marketplace. To address this need, SiREM is pleased to announce (SiREMNA™), a comprehensive NA focused analytical package that can be customized to identify and quantify reactive minerals, dechlorinating bacteria and other indicator parameters for abiotic and biotic degradation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs). These analyses can be performed directly on site specific aquifer materials (e.g., groundwater and geologic material) or used to complement SiREM’s bench-scale treatability testing services, including microcosm studies and column testing to:

  • Assess the effectiveness and sustainability of abiotic and biotic degradation of cVOCs.
  • Determine the role of abiotic reductive dechlorination by biogenic reactive minerals and includes iron sulfides, green rusts, pyrite, magnetite, biotite and siderite.
  • Characterize site conditions for NA evaluation and remediation decision tools such as BioPIC.
  • Support design and monitor performance of enhanced in-situ chemical reduction (ISCR).
  • Assess the role of abiotic dechlorination by biogenic reactive minerals formed by iron and sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) at enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) bioremediation applications.

For the full suite of available testing refer to the (SiREMNA™) cut sheet or contact Jeff Roberts at 1-866-251-1747 or by email at