SiREM is pleased participate in the Ninth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments to be held in New Orleans, LA January 9-12th, 2017. The Sediments conference is a leading forum for sharing research, practical experiences, and opportunities associated with the remediation, restoration and management of the environmental and economic vitality of waterways.

SiREM products, research and development, and treatability testing services are featured in numerous platform presentations that highlight SiREM’s increasing focus on sediment remediation. Platform presentations featuring SiREM include Passive Sampling for Measuring the Availability of Hydrophobic Organic Chemicals – The End-user Perspective (Jeff Roberts, SiREM). The presentation will focus on the use and data interpretation for the SP3™ Sampler applications including a field case study at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, WA. Visibly-Detectable Dyes as Performance Reference Compounds in Passive Sampling Devices highlights R&D performed at SiREM during the SP3™ sampler development. SiREM sediment treatability studies are featured in Bench-Scale Screening of Ebullition Potential, a study that quantified the effect of biotic methane gas bubbles on NAPL mobility. Treatability Testing to Select Activated Carbon Dosing, Meet PCB Cleanup Goals, and Accelerate Remedy Implementation Schedule, which highlights SiREM’s laboratory testing of active cap materials, will also be presented.

In addition to participating in the conference technical program, SiREM is also an exhibitor, please visit us at Booth 122.