SiREM products and services are featured in four platform presentations that focus on the implementation of leading edge remediation technologies at the 22nd Annual Florida Remediation Conference held in Orlando FL, December 1-2.

Sandra Dworatzek (SiREM) will present “Electrokinetic Enhanced Bioremediation (EK-BIOTM) to Effectively Deliver Amendments to Low Permeability Materials at a Florida DNAPL Site” where electric potential was applied to enhance the distribution of lactate and KB-1® Plus for the remediation of TCE at a low pH site in northern Florida.

David Alden (Tersus Environmental) will present “Combining Adsorption and Bioremediation Technologies for In-Situ Groundwater Remediation” that will feature activated carbon treatability studies and SiREM’s leading edge research on anaerobic benzene degrading cultures.  

Les Porterfield (TEA Inc.) will present “The Effect of Emulsified Zero Valent Iron on Trichloroethene in the Presence of Chlorofluorocarbon 113” that demonstrated KB-1® culture in combination with emulsified ZVI was effective at enhancing biodegradation of at a TCE Site even in the presence of inhibitory CFC-113.

Joe Bartlett (Geosyntec Consultants) will present “A Combined Remedy Approach to Address a Trichloroethene Source Zone at a Legacy Hydraulic Containment Site” that focuses on the use of a pump and treat system combined with KB-1® bioaugmentation to achieve significant TCE mass reductions at a site in Cocoa, Florida.  

In addition to the platform presentations, SiREM is once again pleased to be an exhibitor at the FRC, please visit us at Booth 55.