Planning and Implementing Proactive Combined Technology Remediation



Combined remedy treatment programs are being applied at many contaminated sites where more than one remediation technology is implemented. The increasing complexity of current remedial sites has amplified the need for combined remedial solutions to ensure treatment goals can be attained. Often multiple technologies are performed reactively where additional technologies are used when one remediation technology was no longer effective or was not adequate to achieve site criteria, and then another remediation process is proposed. In contrast, a proactive combined remedy approach incorporates multiple treatment processes/technologies into the remedial design. A proactive combined remedy plan will harness the advantages of each individual technology, determine the most optimal remediation schedule, and better predict overall cost and cash flow requirements. Such proactive remediation planning is especially appropriate for redevelopment projects with aggressive timelines. This presentation will detail projects where combined remediation approaches were proactively planned to identify synergies in treatment and limit inhibitory effects.

The Presenters:

Paul Dombrowski

Paul Dombrowski, Senior Remediation Engineer at ISOTEC Remediation Technologies, Inc. has over 15 years in the environmental industry with experience in hazardous waste site investigation and remediation, with a focus in designing and implementing in-situ remediation technologies. At ISOTEC, Mr. Dombrowski is a technical leader for design, implementation, and management for a full suite of remediation technologies and supports activities to incorporate developing and innovative technologies and approaches to support ISOTEC projects and customers. In addition, Mr. Dombrowski is a Part-Time Lecturer at Tufts University in Medford, MA. He received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering and Master’s Degree Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College in New York City. Mr. Dombrowski is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Phil Dennis

Phil is a Principal Molecular Biologist with more than 15 years of experience focused environmental microbiology, molecular genetic testing, enhanced bioremediation and technology commercialization. He currently directs the molecular testing services, next generation sequencing and is the innovation lead for SiREM’s research and development program. He has also played a leading role in developing relationships with many universities and serves on the Board for University of Waterloo Center for Microbial Research.