SiREM is excited to offer FTIR-based Continuos Process Monitor (CPM) that can be customized for different gases and aerosols as a part of SiREM Photonics. This new service area incorporates custom designed and built compact infrared spectrometers that can be integrated within a gas sampling or data analysis/streaming automation platform which allows for complete online environmental and/or process monitoring. As most gas and aerosol molecules absorb infrared light that is proportional to their concentration, the presence of specific compounds can be determined by the spectral patterns, providing clients with real-time monitoring data of emissions.

Benefits Include:

  • Multivariate quantitative analysis of up to a dozen analytes simultaneously and national laboratory traceable calibrations1
  • Sub-ppmv sensitivity of anlaytes without need for liquid nitrogen (via multi-stage TE-cooled MCT detector)
  • Proprietary spectral chemometrics and data preprocessing for virtually no spectral baseline drift and full resolution of overlapped absorbances
  • Excellent stability in intensity and wavelength against external vibration and atmosSpheric affects, and fully inert/heated gas sampling components
  • Real-time (<2min avg.) quantitative data streaming to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), including sample duct flow measurements, plus 4-20 mA, 0-10 DCV, dry contact alarm signaling

SiREM Photonics incorporates custom designed and built compact FTIR-spectrometers for online environmental and/or process monitoring

Example Application: FTIR-based Continuous Process Monitor for total formic acid, PFCs and Catalytic Combustion Gases Production During Semiconductor Manufacturing

A high performance and compact FTIR spectrometer integrated within a gas sampling and data analysis/streaming automation platform allows for complete on-line process monitoring. The permanently aligned interferometer, solid-state reference laser as well as a specialized proprietary chemometrics package allows for this CPM to exhibit excellent stability in spectral intensity/wavelength scals with virtually no baseline drift and enhanced analytical method resolution amongst target analytes.

Other Applications Include:

  • Semiconductor process toll monitoring and point of use abatement control
  • Process reactor chamber in-line monitoring and optimization
  • Ambient air quality and airborne molecular contamination monitoring

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  1. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable quantitative spectral references generated at SiREM were cross referenced and validated against those published by US Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), Max Planck Institute (MPI) in Berlin, Germany and National Center of Nuclear Studies in Grenoble, France (CNG)